About Nails by Aina

Welcome to my nail wraps boutique. I'm Aina, and I'm excited to share my passion for nail wraps. As a fellow nail art enthusiast, I understand the joy of having beautifully designed nails without the time and cost of traditional manicures, I've grown my personal collection for years before deciding to start my own business as well :)

Living in Montreal, THE Canadian city that's known for its vibrant life, provides me with constant inspiration. This has driven me to curate a collection of nail wraps that transcend mere accessories, becoming personal expressions of your unique style.

I'm dedicated to selecting designs that seamlessly merge fashion and ease of use. My belief is simple: you should have an accessible, budget-friendly way to adorn your nails without sacrificing quality or creativity.

To provide you with ample choices, I've created a few collections offering a wide range of nail wraps to suit any mood, season, or event. I'm thrilled to provide you with the means to express your distinctive style, one nail at a time. Happy wrapping!

I'm also on Instagram :) Feel free to contact me if you have any question or need any assistance.

If you're still wondering : why use nail wraps ? Plus, more FAQ here


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